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KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2019 IGNITE in Yokohama arena

I was in such a frenzy after the concerts my tweet repos were filled with typos and missing words. Here goes trying to write a decent report of the concerts that actually make sense lol.

I'll try to go into detail as much as I can with moments that I can remember vividly. If there aren’t specific standouts committed to memory I’ll most like just state how amazing the part was.

Initially the only ticket I have is for the first show which is on the 9th of August but because I was weak I ended up buying another ticket for the last day (August 12) night show in Yokohama as well. So what I’ll be doing for this repo is to address events as last day for the ones that happened on the 12th show so as to not be confusing while the rest are first day, first impressions.

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cake by the ocean

So I made this vid two months ago. I've been wanting to use the song for a long time and even though I've completely given up on editing vids for Kame's birthday every year, I decided to edit this one on impulse. 

I couldn't get the video uploaded on youtube with sound due to copyright restrictions for the song. It's kind of frustrating since I've always uploaded there but since they've taken down one of my videos previously for copyright infringement as well, I'm considering permanently moving them to vimeo just in case or completely setting them private.

kame - bounce girl cdl2013


So, this is long overdue. It's been months since now, but I started typing this the moment I got back and just never got to finishing it. It's a good and bad thing LJ has a reliable drafts system. I left it hanging in my drafts for me to get back to if I ever felt like it which I hate, so I open it from time to time but I just can't finish orz.

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Kame 24hr TV & Follow Me papa pics


As promised, sharing papa pics I've got from Kame's 24HR TV stint and his Follow Me cons. They're not a lot but I wanted to share them still for those who love archiving and collecting scans like me.

It's a first for me to do this sort of thing so forgive me if they aren't perfectly done. Feel free to share and post them elsewhere. Credit isn't necessary but appreciated nonetheless.

There are 42 photos in this bunch. 10 of which are from his 24HR TV gig (mostly the fashion show pics; I loved that look ok, yes.) the rest are from his Follow Me cons, specifically his Tokyo performances back in August.

Download here

livejournal revival

I suddenly felt the urge to revive my account today.

I changed some things in the stylesheet that I'm using that's been bothering me for ages now and I visited a few old entries. I haven't really been blogging in the past, posts I've made were either graphic works or downloads. The more recent ones are more or less typical blog posts. Hopefully I'll be able to post more and I've said this multiple times already but I still can't commit orz. I'm going to really try this time. Because the idea of blogging seems really interesting to me lately.

Hopefully this "blogging" doesn't turn out to be just me ranting about my thesis and school life woes. HOPEFULLY. Because that's all I'm going to be doing a lot of for the next 6 months.

I'm planning to scan Kame's papa pics that I got from his Follow Me tour and his 24hrTV stint. They're not a lot but I've noticed no one's shared scans yet so I'm going to be posting that here soon.
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Follow Me~ he says

Who am I to deny him? So I did! Followed him to Japan last August 26 and saw his evening show at the Tokyo International Forum August 30th.

Where do I even begin? I was extremely tense earlier that day. Couldn't wait to see him. Didn't know what to expect and it still felt immensely surreal that I'm fortunate enough to get to watch at least once.

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I've basically brought all my thesis dilemma's to all my social media accounts lol. I'm that frustrated. I hate doing research. I'm no good at it. I hate reading, particularly long articles I have zero interest in.

I'd be happier if the topic I got is a little bit easier to find sources for but of course I had to be unlucky to have the topics I'm really interested in get rejected and end up with a topic I wasn't supposed to propose anyway. This is totally not how I planned things to go. After my pre-thesis project I told myself I'd work on a topic I can personally be attached to. That way I can stay motivated throughout the process. Frustrating.

Kamenashi Kazuya's Kame Camera PDF Compilation [Vol. 01-55 + 5 Serial Specials]


A compilation of Kame's Kame Camera monthly serial feature for the magazine MAQUIA that's translated by the awesome iside89. She's managed a great feat of deciphering Kame's complex thoughts translating numerous volumes of the series that I thought it a perfect opportunity to finally compile everything into a pdf for easy reading. Should anyone need or want a dose of profound Kamenashi wisdom and insight anytime, anywhere this is for you. Of course you can also head on over to iside89's journal for these and more translations she's done for the fandom.

I do not claim ownership of anything but the design and layout of this project. Full credits for these English translations goes to iside89 and her betas yararanger & scorch66.


This project is an interactive pdf. An interactive pdf is basically a pdf file that can contain active links towards pages, websites and the like.  As such to make navigation easier:

1) You can click the photos in either of the contents pages should you want to read a specific volume. No need to trouble yourself with scrolling through pages in search for a specific volume.
2) Notice also that there's a small turtle at the bottom right of every page. Clicking said turtle would lead you back to the contents pages.
3) Should a volume contain the marker "[*1]". Said marker is an indication that there is a corresponding translation note for a specific word or line in the text. Clicking the said marker should take you to the translator's notes at the last few pages of the file.
4) Text in the translator's notes pages are also links that would lead you back to the specific pages wherein these notes are written for.

!!Warning!! The file is a bit image heavy so it might take time to load on some devices.

Download here:
Kamenashi Kazuya's Kame Camera - 96PPI (22.2MB)
Kamenashi Kazuya's Kame Camera - 144PPI (45.5MB)

For any further questions please just comment below :)